121 | OMA

The first NYC residences from the world-reowned architectural firm OMA founded by Rem Koolhaas.

VISIT: 121

OMA is an international practice operating within the traditional boundaries of architecture and urbanism. AMO (OMA), a research and design studio, applies architectural thinking to domains beyond. Founded by Rem Koolhaas in 1975.
Toll Brothers is an American real estate company based in Horsham, Pennsylvania. They are a builder of luxury homes in major metropolitan areas in the contiguous United States.

Strategy, Identity, Naming, Branding, Logo, collateral, ephymeral, marketing, experiencial design, digital user experience and ui.


OMA designed the building by connecting two structures by a courtyard and amenity floor. The building has differents faces that reflects its own enviroment, and even sits in between two neighborhoods.  Juxtaposition and duality.

Throughout the entire project, we made sure to stay inspired by the palpable duality. As a team, we did intensive research into the niche and even tested various names with real users to hear their thoughts.

The identity was created to remain timeless and unique while giving the building the voice the architects poetically conveyed: duality, chaos, change, and juxtaposition.
Keeping the cultural context of NYC, its living-like-organism quality, and constant change, which also had been extensivey studied by the architect in his book Delirious New York, we landed in the final name: 121.

121 E. being one of the addresses the building touches, the other being 20 Lexington.  

Juxtaposition: Day-night, chaos-peace, Gramercy-Flatiron, digital-nature, function-form, simplicity-complexity, mindfulness-obliviousness.

We meshed and collaged all the juxtapositions we found in the building, its social context and brand voice to inform the visual voice and direction throughout the full experience. There are many sides so we created prisms.

Prisms: Abstractions of building features that become prisms that reflect our own personal impressions and experiences.

We aim to look for innovative ways to have a functional yet striking simple site. The site needed to be functional and responsive.

The website landing was composed of two components: 1) the building through the prisms eyes, and 2) The message. 

We spent days solving the general UX storytelling of the landing and some more days trying to create the most effective filling form for prospect buyers.

Our form was strategically built to take into consideration both private buyers and brokers.

The building is the exuberant beauty and the branding the sober message.

The branding had to play along with the beauty of the building rather than shadow it.  

The branding couldnt’ be: “Hey! I am a building so look at my branding.”
The branding had to be: “I am the building and this is my message.”

Black tones: Formal, luxurious, sober, steady, night, masculine
Salmon accents: Relaxed, risky, warm, playful, day, femenine.


The duality of the neighborhoods captured and morph into one. Prisms are our look into the experiences you will have here, the life you will live and the memories  your close ones will collect.

“We could have been enormously wealthy if we had only built Louis Vuitton boutiques.”

Rem Koolhaas

Completed at Brooklyn United in collaboration w/ HUSH

ART DIRECTOR: Bryant Castro
LEAD STRATEGIST: Lindsey Devellis
AGENCY: Brooklyn United