About Me:

I’m known as Brico; my real name: Bryant. I’m a User Experience Designer, Workshop Facilitator and Educator currently in HCMC, Vietnam and with prior flagships in U.S and México.

I like to focus on:
  • Psychological wellness for the customers that use my products and the teammates I work with.
  • Ethical design by following best practices that avoid dark patterns.
  • Education by closing the gap through community and innovation. 

(Se habla español).
For any questions regarding potential work or to learn more about my experience, processes, and favorite food please email me.

Teaching and mentoring

VML México
‘UI is not UX’
CDMX, México.
June 2017

Wizeline Academy
‘UX Sessions: Lean UX’
Queretaro, México.
September 2018

ITESM, Guadalajara Campus
Lecturer & Mentor
‘Sprint: How to solve big problems and test new ideas in just five days.’
Guadalajara, México.
Sept-Oct 2018

Hola <Code/>
‘What is UX?’
CDMX, México.
Oct-Nov 2018

Egg Digital
‘Product Workshop: Upskilling Product Owners’
Bangkok, Thailand.
Nov 2018
True Services
‘Product Workshop’
Bangkok, Thailand.
Nov 2018

UX Vietnam Festival 2019
‘User Experience in Emerging Market’
Lecturer & Workshop Mentor
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
Jan 2019

DevDay.org Da Nang 2019
‘Lean UX’
Da Nang, Vietnam.
Apr 2019

RMIT University of Vietnam
‘Laws of UX applied to UI tips for engineers’
Da Nang, Vietnam.
Apr 2019

Objection Handling:
‘Creative Conflict Resolution’

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
Aug 2019

The Process


• I believe that culture reigns every time. A process will not work if the attendees are not on the right mindset. It is part of my job to guide clients through the process and make them understand the value of design.

• Each project requires its own design/facilitation framework, there’s not prescribed solution. Its a mindset of intrapeneuralship and ownership.

• Process can be quick and dirty, in a workshop, I don't waste time making a session too pretty, in this context design is a problem solving tool not an aesthetic tool.


🎨- Brico is a self given artistic name, and it got to a point where people thought that was my real name. Because it was a memorable name and easier to pronounce, I never bothered to correct anyone.

🚴‍♂️- I like to ride my bike very long distances, and sometimes I compete. I have placed top 10 category in variou races; including an olympic ironman.

📷- I collect cameras of all kinds and I like to shoot them sometimes.

🐦- I am an avian taxidermy, and I was trained by Award winning taxidermist Allis Markham.

📪- I would forever love you if you send me a postcard in the mail (feel free to ask for my address)

💡- I ran a business for 4 years and took it from a garage DIY operation and into a well known tradeshow ready-to-wear lifestyle brand. More about it here



  • Airtransport
  • Architecture and Development
  • Banking
  • Computer Software
  • Education
  • Fashion
  • Media and Entertainment 
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Pharma-Health
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Universities and Education